[:en]Palaraga – The Daughter[:ru]Palaraga – The Daughter (Дочь)[:]

[:en]There are things in life that you constantly deny or try to avoid. But when it happens to you, you stop understanding what you denied. You come to a new understanding of your existence, your purpose in life. There is no recipe for wisdom. Only time and life can awaken in us a kind of wisdom. Better, of course, sooner than later or never. I’m glad I finally touched wisdom.[:ru]Есть в жизни вещи, которые ты постоянно отрицаешь или стараешься избежать. Но когда с тобой это случается, ты перестаёшь понимать, что именно ты отрицал. Ты приходишь к новому пониманию своего существования, своей цели в жизни. Не существует рецепта мудрости. Только время и жизненный путь способны пробудить в нас некое подобие мудрости. Лучше, конечно, раньше, чем позже или никогда. Я рад, что наконец прикоснулся к мудрости.[:]

[:en]Palaraga – Life without heart (part I)[:ru]Palaraga – Life without heart (part I) (Жизнь без сердца)[:]

[:en]Is it possible to live without a heart? Is it possible to feel without feeling the burning sensation inside the chest? Is it possible to empathize relying only on a logical understanding of what is pain, and what is joy? The answer seems simple: with sufficient experience, and knowledge of the experience of mankind, we can say with certainty that there is pain, and that there is joy. But whether it will be an airy answer for one creature that feels at this moment. Only true empathy allows to answer this question correctly.


[:en]Palaraga – Children[:ru]Palaraga – Children (Дети)[:]

[:en]When everything is tested and tried in life, and the process of being turns into routine and represents only repetitions of the passed in a new shell, the soul begins to want to rely on something that has an intangible value. Children just is that value. Someone will say that this is not so. But there is no feeling more pleasant than when a child looks at you with eyes full of life, when he smiles, when he hugs and kisses you. All material, against this background, becomes only necessary environment for the extension of these wonderful moments. Means become only a tool that helps to make a child happy. Only at this moment life acquires meaning, and sense accumulates accumulated experience. It is not easy and easy – at the same time.

[:en]Palaraga – The Valley of Loneliness[:ru]Palaraga – The Valley of Loneliness (Долина одиночества)[:]

[:en]The most lonely person in the history of mankind will be the one who is the first to settle permanently on a new planet. For all the splendor of the achievements of mankind and the brave self-sacrifice of this man, there will be loneliness, multiplied by every second of the realization of the impossibility again to feel the heat (more…)

[:en]Palaraga – Cobra Effect[:ru]Palaraga – Cobra Effect / Эффект кобры[:]


When you are ready to pay for trapped snakes, do not be surprised that they are being grown to sell more, thereby increasing their number.

Different, unusual, unique and technological are the adjectives which can describe this track. If you are looking for a modern musical background for your media or art project this composition is definitely a diamond. The bizarre sound, voice effects create a mysterious atmosphere. Astonish your viewers by incorporating this track into a sci-fi, fantasy movie or use it as a trailer music for an alternative cinematography works.


Palaraga – 7 Days (Urban Meditation)


When they mention “relaxing music,” they often refer to the singing of dolphins, the twittering of birds, the sound of rain and the sound of sea waves. I prefer to think of relaxing music as a product of a tired mind. And most of the time the mind is tired of the city, the fuss and the grayness of a lonely burden. This track was taken from my mind among the streets of Berlin. Seven days is something that does not let go and makes us repeat, again and again, every year, from the moment of awareness of the week.

[blog-post-image]As it says in the title, this track features an urbanistic, mechanic sound during the intro. The mechanical sounds create a unique contrast, giving the mind a chance to travel through the depths of peace. The slowly building intro passes into a slow, calm and truly relaxational middle section with an improvised piano theme. This 20+ minute composition is just a perfect pick for your sleep and meditation. Use it in your media projects where the healing, spiritual and futuristic effect is essential.

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Когда упоминается «расслабляющая музыка», то часто имеется ввиду пение дельфинов, щебетание птиц, звук дождя и звук морских волн. Я предпочитаю думать о расслабляющей музыке как о продукте утомлённого разума. И по большей части разум утомлён городом, суетой и серостью бренного одиночества. Этот трек был взят из моего сознания, вдохновлённый улицами Берлина. Семь дней – это тот цикл, что не отпускает нас и заставляет повторять себя, снова и снова, каждый год, с момента осознания недели.

[blog-post-image]Как говорится в названии трека, это произведение имеет урбанистический, механический звук во время вступления. Эти звуки создают уникальный контраст, давая беспокойному разуму шанс путешествовать сквозь глубины покоя. Медленно развивающееся начало переходит в спокойную и окрыляющую среднюю часть, где главный акцент создаёт импровизированная фортепиано тема. Эта композиция, продолжительностью более двадцати минут, будет прекрасным выбором для медитации и сна. Используйте её в медиа проектах, где необходимо передать настроение оздоровления, духовности и футуристичности.

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Palaraga – The Twilight Dance

[:en]There is nothing more romantic than dancing in the twilight of summer silence. When you hear every breath, heartbeat and rustle of touch. When there is a taste of lips and warmth of hot breath. Music, only slightly and gently touching you, picks up and leads through the waves of pale shadows starved to the light. From you emanates light, which is so dark lacks.


Palaraga – The Ordinary Life

[:en]My music will not solve your problems. You can not scream under it, echoing the words that supposedly penetrate into the very essence of your life. This role is assigned to pop. I do not write music that describes one of the standard patterns of human destiny or behavior, and waits until someone approaches it. You will not be able to include one of my songs on a repeat, for the whole day, to cry in the pillow. The purpose of my music is to help you plunge into the depths of your soul and in your own strength find what you need for peace of mind. Only in this way you can achieve everything, find the strength to be yourself. And no matter how rude and unfriendly the form of some of my works is – one goal is to pave the way to a world of peace and tranquility, releasing your demons.


Palaraga – Atemaj (Life Expectancy)

[:en]It’s a very strange feeling to know that on some day we will die. Disappear. It is not known – where, is drought – how, it is not known – when. This thought, which seems to be actual for a living being, is not at all significant in the general picture of life. Someone jumps with a skipping rope, someone is wrapped in a scarf, and someone earns the best doctors – and everyone calls it a way of life. And someone even plunges into the “life after”, subtracting details about it in all sorts of fantasies of his predecessors. Any inconsistencies and uncomfortable moments are emotionally replaced by conviction, and “faith” arises. The very weapons that mankind drives away any thought of its perishable and unpredictable existence. This weapon is sharp – it began to sharpen, from the moment when the first man hit his fellow tribe. For centuries, they have been beating them for centuries under the blows of “faith,” but the unpredictability of being and unknown have remained unresolved, misunderstood and tormented.


[:en]Palaraga – A blazing blade[:ru]Palaraga – A blazing blade / Пылающий клинок[:]

[:en]In human nature, destroy each other. It’s unavoidable. Alas. But the question remains, passing through which killing becomes a debugged process. At a time when the enemy was at arm’s length, the outcome of the match was determined by strength, endurance, experience and dexterity. In the modern world, people are trying to turn their crimes into an automated stream from analyzing information, distancing from the place of entry and depersonalizing the victim. There are no more blazing blades. Now between the killer and the victim, drones, poisons, manipulations and intrigues, and murders became fun, which is shown as an entertainment program.


[:en]Palaraga – Air flow of the Silence[:ru]Palaraga – Air flow of the Silence / Воздушный поток тишины[:]

[:en]In the summer of 2017 I visited eastern Bavaria, Berchtesgaden. I was always attracted by this region of Germany with the tranquility and nature reigning there. Endless mountain trails, the silence of a clean lake and the noisy streams of a mountain river. I wandered there between the slopes in search of the same tranquility and seclusion, about which writers write and which poets sing. Overcoming the next threshold, I persistently tried to give internal thoughts. I tried to penetrate some kind of philosophy of my own world, “find myself,” but … the mountains took their own: you just walk and breathe, counting the sound of footsteps in the placer of small stones heated by the July sun. You look out of the distance from a great height, and there is nothing more, except the gigantic slopes and you. All that was large and clamped with its brick walls, took on the character of an endless canvas with small patterns, tied with threads of roads and drowning in a bluish haze. Sound, breaking on the foot of the mountains, flows into the singing of birds and the rustling of the warm wind. There is only you and this fascinating view. There is no philosophy. There is no poetry. There is only a breath and an exhalation, and a heartbeat. You see the world with different eyes, as in times when, as a child, you sat down on your father’s shoulders and were amazed at how the world is changing, it is only slightly lifted above the ground. A certain force carries you in the direction of new discoveries. I enjoyed what I saw, inhaled this very moment and witnessed the world, was a part of his greatness. Close your eyes and travel to my story, and the music will help you.

[blog-post-image]Incredibly relaxing, airy, dreamy, fresh soundtrack. The deep sound of the pad takes the listener into the magic world of meditation and peace. This track allows feeling the incredible strength of meditational ambient by combining the sounds of soft piano and atmospheric soundscapes. The track was created by the author to help to build healthy sleep and mind-peace for people in the modern technological world. Also, this composition is ideal for newborn baby sleep, creating a soft womb-like environment. Air flow of the Silence is ideal for documentaries, films, presentations, learning, sleeping background, meditation, yoga, massage and beauty treatment like SPA. Full your night with a meditational happiness!

Palaraga – Air Flow Of The Silence[:ru]Летом 2017 я посетил восточную баварию, Берхтесгаден. Меня всегда притягивал этот регион Германии с царящим там спокойствием и природой. Бесконечные горные тропы, тишина чистого озера и шумные потоки горной реки. Я блуждал там между склонов в поисках того самого спокойствия и уединения, о котором пишут писатели и которые воспевают поэты. Преодолевая очередной порог, я настойчиво пытался придаться внутренним размышлениям. Старался проникнуть в некую философию своего собственного мира, “найти себя”, но… горы брали своё: ты просто идёшь и дышишь, отсчитывая звук шагов в россыпи мелких камней, нагретых июльским солнцем. Смотришь в даль с огромной высоты, и больше нет ничего, кроме исполинских склонов и тебя. Всё то, что было большим и зажимало своими кирпичными стенами, приобрело характер бесконечного полотна с мелкими узорами, связаных нитями дорог и утопающих в голубоватой дымке. Звук, разбиваясь о подножие гор, перетекает в пение птиц и шелест тёплого ветра. Есть только ты и этот завораживающий вид. Нет никакой философии. Нет никакой поэзии. Есть только вдох и выдох, и биение сердца. Ты видишь мир другими глазами, как во времена, когда будучи ребёнком, садился на плечи отца и поражался, как меняется мир, стоит лишь слегка приподнятся над землёй. А некая сила несёт тебя в направлении новых открытий. Я наслаждался тем, что видел, вдыхал этот самый момент и был свидетелем мира, был частью его величия. Закройте глаза и совершите путешествие в мою историю, а музыка вам в этом поможет.

[blog-post-image]Невероятно релаксирующий, успокаивающий, лёгкий, свежий трэк. Глубокие звуки пада забирают слушателя в магический мир медитации и покоя. Этот трэк позволяет ощутить невероятную силу медитативного амбиента соединяя мягкое пианино и атмосферные звуки. Это произведение было создано автором что-бы помочь людям строить здоровый сон в условиях современного технологичного мира. Он идеально подойдёт для спокойного сна младенца, создавая умиротворяющию атмосферу покоя. Air flow of the Silence будет идеалет для документальный фильмов, кино, презентаций, учёбы, сна, медитации, йоги, массажа, процедур красоты и СПА. Наполни свою ночь медитативным счастьем!

Palaraga – Air Flow Of The Silence[:]

Palaraga – Don’t close the door

[:en]There is nothing easier than to turn the relationship of two people into a circus, in the image and likeness of another idiotic TV show. It always seems effective to slam the door and convince yourself that you won this battle. It is much more difficult not to do this. The greatest difficulty in relations is relations themselves, and not rituals associated with them. You do not need to prove anything and look for ways for personal victory, as a victory on the ruins of relations is a failure. Count to ten, and remember why you are here, and why you want to run there. Count though to infinity, but do not close the door before you understand why you decided to leave.