Palaraga – Stay Alive (Air)


[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Firstly quite dark and enigmatic track has surviveв the metamorphosis. An absolutely fantastic air remix has given this composition a different character, making it romantic, light, incredibly lyric and full of love. As always, Palaraga has stayed in its style by combining the deepness classical instruments and cleanliness of electronic instruments. This light and dreamy composition will make a gorgeous accompaniment on a dramatic, romantic movie. Or create a warming home video which you will cherish for years to come.


Palaraga – Stay Alive (Adam Liria d’n’b remix)

[:en]Like always, Adam Liria creates a smashing and unique remix which can be legitimately qualified as a new composition. The author has kept the main violin melody and added new uplifting melodies and voice effects. Is will be a perfect addition for your timelapse videos, fashion shows. Use it as a background music in sports videos, commercials, whilst you workout or drive a car.


Palaraga – Stay Alive (Still Alive)

[:en]This is a dark, enigmatic and mystic track. It will be perfect for dramatic movies in a crime or mystery genre. The composition starts with soft sounds of a woman’s voice and main synth melody which flows through the track. The main idea of the introduction stays during the main section where the soft beat of the drums is incorporated. Overall this composition is the closest version of the original work.


Palaraga – Stay Alive (DMA remix)

[:en]This active and uplifting remix was created by incredibly talented and popular Cyprus DJ DMA. His interpretation of dark and enigmatic Palaraga’s track “Stay Alive” has given his composition new character. Keeping the dark and lyric main melody the musician was able to give it a soft and active house sounding. The track starts with a distorted effect intro featuring voice effects and synthesiser sounds. The main section has an active upbeat rhythm making it perfect to use in a plethora of media projects, such as video games, fashion shows.


[:en]Adam Liria – Stay Alive (Adam Liria minimal remix)[:ru]Palaraga – Stay Alive (Adam Liria minimal remix)[:]

[:en]Are you looking for a perfect track for your running or workout at the gym? Are you tired from music which is overloaded with unnecessary sounds, making you feel tired? This track is active, uplifting, perfectly lyric and ideal in sounding. Use it in action movies, dramedies, slideshow presentations and timelapse videos.