In human nature, destroy each other. It’s unavoidable. Alas. But the question remains, passing through which killing becomes a debugged process. At a time when the enemy was at arm’s length, the outcome of the match was determined by strength, endurance, experience and dexterity. In the modern world, people are trying to turn their crimes into an automated stream from analyzing information, distancing from the place of entry and depersonalizing the victim. There are no more blazing blades. Now between the killer and the victim, drones, poisons, manipulations and intrigues, and murders became fun, which is shown as an entertainment program.

Dark, intellectual and diverse soundtrack with an intense alto intro. The powerful combination of electronic synthesiser and instrumental pizzicato creates a beautiful mix of modern new age music. The shifts in rhythm and sounding create melancholic and romantic atmosphere. This composition is perfect for intense documentaries and commercials, perfect for cinematograph or simply as a musical background for people with an exceptional taste.