Verse 1:

Ice on the entire planet. A beam of cold light.
The sun casts the shadow on you from the clouds.
You wander here alone from dusk to dawn
You are still seeking for the warmth between the ice.

Again, you are on the cliff to make questionable flights
Hands rending up to blood, you keep going up
You jump down off a cliff without saying a word
You burrow into the ground, hoping to bloom.

White crystals clenched in palms
Not to fight with pain and break through minutes
You hid from the world in abandoned chambers
On the day when you decided to destroy yourself

Black wave covers everything, leaving not a trace
In the heavy darkness, not a dream
Images by an atom consciousness loads
And here you sing for angels in acid streams

Verse 2:

Herbs with poisons poured with rain
Breathing in its vapour, more transparent than a dew
Mind will leave the past forgotten by the friends
Only hear by body you, stinging bass.


With a dull gait, gliding with a reason
With legs stumbled in a web
Gaze empty in the fog sinks into the abysses
Strength only know where to crawl.

With the weak hand passing through dimensions
Delirium from words you try to bear
In the scale without colours you touch the eclipse
The toy world in the hands you try to save.

The words cannot be heard, your eyes are closed
With a silly smile, you answer to my cry
Thoughts, like a footprint in the sand, are blurred,
Tears on your face and anger on the others …


You are alone, you have forgotten the exit …
You breathe fire, but you do not exhale …
A drop of wet rain, you touched with your hands,
You are lying on the grass, your heart has awaken.