There is nothing easier than to turn the relationship of two people into a circus, in the image and likeness of another idiotic TV show. It always seems effective to slam the door and convince yourself that you won this battle. It is much more difficult not to do this. The greatest difficulty in relations is relations themselves, and not rituals associated with them. You do not need to prove anything and look for ways for personal victory, as a victory on the ruins of relations is a failure. Count to ten, and remember why you are here, and why you want to run there. Count though to infinity, but do not close the door before you understand why you decided to leave.

Rhythmic, atmospheric and relaxing track with a dramatic guitar theme. Strong and expressive beat flows into gentle and romantic melody accompanied by a beautiful woman’s voice throughout all song. “Don’t close the door” is perfect for adverts, films, documentaries, presentations, Youtube ambient music videos, theatrical performances and romantic events.