Verse 1:

Warm summer evening,
cars, like a flow, rush home on the black asphalt
With scarlet colours are painted the hills
of endless houses covered with twilight

I will wait for you under the clock like usual
With a light gait, you walked closer to me
Goddess in the flesh, but parted from heaven
The creation of the artist on a bright rainbow

The sun went down beyond the far hills
And the last ray will color the clouds
You touch my lips with your warm mouth
And your hand slides gently on my cheek

We are in the dance passing music to the bodies
We will break through rooms sweeping everything on the way
Without an exchange of words in the bedroom
Your hands are trying to drive me crazy

Verse 2:
Shoulders covered with traces of kisses.
You will take off your dress with the grace of a panther
I will tear my clothes away and join madly
To your body filled with passion

In the darkness of the word of desire, you whispered softly
In the night, I will hug your warm body with passion
You dropped on a bed with an ease of a feather
With Palm gently you touch yourself

Sliding my hot lips through your body lines
I gently omit my palm on your sweet breasts
And the lungs will be filled with a love of your spirit
I’ll let my soul to yours


Silky hair on a silk pillow
I will gently slide my fingers on them with a smile
Merging the body with the bond, we fall into the trap
Holding you in my hands I will carry your through the flame