Verse 1:

She looks at the clock, she hates time
She will turn on her computer, getting rid of the shackles
Electrons heat the chip with current silicon
Leaving the Internet megabytes of her dreams

Hiding behind the avatar, avoiding observations
From questions about herself simply wriggles
After all, there may change everything, and without any regrets
When she wants to hide, she cheats

Leaving her thoughts by visiting someone’s forum
And answering questions, trying to make laugh
She is no longer she- a black raven on the picture
All binary laws allow living like this

If you are trying to communicate and do not like to talk
You may meet her, but you cannot be friends with her.
She’s just a couple of lines. She hides from the light.
It is difficult to reach and meaningless at all.


Looking at the messages on the glass with a glance
Monitor reflects on the eyes with a dim light
To those who know her there, she gives a value
And painfully perceive kilobytes of imaginary quarrels

She is looking for a gentle caressing, chatting at night.
And empty phrases on the net warm her blood in the veins
On a lifeless space appearing at sunset
Until the morning, typing may be mistaken again and again.

Drinking on the euphoria of unhindered communication
She sweetly represents those who talk to her.
And making up the features of persons of sugary messages
She is drowning in the world of numbers, the world is living isolating

And changing those who breathe on lifeless nicks
And pictures on the Internet replace those who love
Choosing what is easier confirming the choice by clicking
Virtual reality destroys it anonymously


She is an internet girl, she’s lost in the wires
She is trying to love and not to experience her fear.
She forgot about herself and enjoys cheating.
She lives on servers and became a cyber addict.

In streams of light
she flies somewhere
she flies into the blue sky
and hiding in the white and red clouds