Verse 1:
You open your eyes in the morning. Yesterday cannot be remembered.
Music like knives plays in mind…
A strange girl cuddles with a smile,
Her face is painted with a pattern of shadows.

Soaked with neons, brains do not wake up,
A net of fatigue is tangled like a knot
Noise with a din and light is coming from the East
Ruthlessly a day in the city is turned on behind the window

Neighbour’s radio is bursting behind the wall
An alarm like insane is playing a melody
And somewhere between the windows, the siren is shed,
But the heavy pain will call you back.

Seconds – the tears of time, suddenly will stop
You draw in the air with your fingers from inside
And diamond clear waves will calm down forever,
Enveloping the wasteland with the irresponsibility …

Verse 2:
Leaving the body through thoughts and approaching the blue
On the white wings of an angel merging with purity
Green on the green will seem unthinkable
And hundreds of silver eyes will not be a vanity

The list of crystal lights dissolve by the rays
A gentle singing of the Earth cannot be heard anymore
Beaten by insanity, words are remembered
And the wind pretends to hiss

Soon you will feel how the sharp splinters,
Are driven under the skin by the emptiness
Madness is scattered around you like fragments
And the heart slows down the beats,

Painted in blood, water dissolved,
Those who are forgotten are carried away to nowhere,
Hiding behind the back, once repeated
The flow of resonances will destroy forever …


Red ribbon wrapped around the heart
And the blood does not heat up on ice fire.
Your face is frozen, do not smile to others,
Breath dissolves in clear silence…

Maybe the last wish is fulfilled,
Which came after the pain in the spring
On white clouds, a tear is broken
Shrill screams are invented in a dream…