Verse 1
On the old bed, the girl is lying,
and near the client is undressing
What was love is no longer considered
and with a cry in her heart, she is forgotten.

“And who is wrong and who mocks?”
the loud question is endlessly repeated,
And the young body dissolves in the mud,
and its time into the void is removed.

flies somewhere, hide somewhere
and her heart is broken into pieces …
In tired eyes, a tear appears,
but time does not wait and it begins …

Couplet 2
Sweet smile customer smiles,
for a couple of greens enjoying you
And time passes and time shrinks,
the girl does not sleep – the girl is picked up …

Stone forest where water evaporates
everyone here has fun in his own way
And the day seems to start differently
but only one little thing is different.

A weak body is delirious
for a couple of green dealer does not repent
The white stuff in your pocket goes down,
time is bought- the client leaves,

Culet 3
Sleepy nights dissolve in fire
time in the return line and everything repeats …
The white theme is freely inhaled,
as if you are God and does not concern you.

Your life rotates quickly and abruptly,
the sky at a fraction of a second shifts.
Broken glass, as always break
and you are now getting rid of yourself …

Someone just plays big
dirty money is washed in the blood
sneaky people are hurled up
and the one who hears them is then forgotten,

Verse 4
and someone decides and life is interrupted
ordinary people get rid of them
hundreds of people burrow underground
and this “garbage” is called a war,

but life is not worth it – moving forward,
problems others and faces change.
and the pendulum of time silently sways,
but if you are God, it does not end,

but where is the beginning, where does everything begin?
from the thought of such brains scatter,
and people run, and people break,
and the time goes on, they mock you …