Verse: 1
You are water, clean air, someone’s footprint on the earth
It will be washed away by rain and you will notexist
You are like a tree in a field, you die without moisture
Only evil dogs will see you

You are a stranger to the world, you are an enemy
Every day they say: something is wrong with you
You closed yourself, closed your heart on the lock
They are here, roaring like wild beasts

You wanted to run, for fear of dying
But they always follow, they say that – you’re lying
Are you tired of looking at their evil faces for a long time
What is expected of you, torturing like a murderer

Condemn you, blame you, despise you
But they do not want to let you go free.
You start to scream and wound the blade
And they say that – you are mad with boredom

Am faith of water
I’m a rain of sadness
All day since morning
Float alone
And where to moor
Decide the winds

Verse 2
Every day, or a word, you are always to blame
And when you are silent, they shout: stupid
Torment your nerves, cutting by piece
And are ready to help, thrusting pills in the throat

You already not know what care is
Days when not beaten, or not vomiting
What is love that everyone shares
Where that care lives, not from stone walls

You try to live and may even fall in love
To freedom faster, for a long time you want to break through
Somewhere far away from where someone will see you
He will love you, with a joyful smile will meet you

You will hug him, will fall asleep on his warm palms
And forget the world where the chase was every day
You will begin to live again, forgetting the tears of pain,
Those terrible days when you lived in captivity