Verse 1:

White taxi, past the dirty alleys
On the nighty streets under the lights
Flying between houses, leaving tiny streets
Pier moves away under the screams of ships
The city tails off, somewhere the windows turn off

And bright advertisements paint windscreens
Stars like small dots in the sky light up
Forming us familiar paintings
People fall asleep, but others wake up
The clubs are lit without fear of the dark
They scream all night on the dance floor come off
As if escaping from the eternal emptiness
White throwing up and eating something strange
With energy to the music people dancing
Heads swing downtrodden
And the lungs breathe in them, greedily oxygen

Verse 2

With the dance music party begins
DJ remote control-wielding a new track
With shouting and screeching the party is torn
Soul overflows into the bright light
Ice cubes and bottles juggling
Bartender hand deftly sell you the mood
With a tray, invariably shockingly tacking
The waitresses in their usual clothes
Energy like waves is taken by the crowd
Vibration by the strikes bring the crowd to madness
Glasses after the glasses of alcohol is poured
And cleverly drunk adding wit
Laser beams on plates are cut
Smoke Filled Air Flows
Burning from the heat, getting rid of clothes
Water is poured electrocuted

Verse 3:

Hot girls twist their bodies
Hot drinks warm the soul
And the dance frank bend complemented
Lips parted and breathing tenderly
Flickering lights, people meet to meet
Mysterious smile luring into a cage
In occasion of desire, the mind is disconnected
And in the darkness are removed, for affectionate flirt
Impulse pierced, the sounds are forgotten
In the movement of sexual breathing overflow
In the dark corridors in kisses hug
And eagerly pressed his eyes from all closing
The time here by the end is not measured in minutes
For those who hang out until the last morning
In the evening, people are going to clubs again.
And the glamorous game is repeated again.