We close our eyes and the night city disappears with us in the dark
Sparking off the lights here and there in lonely and dreary houses.
There, behind a thick wall of darkened houses,
In soundless and monotonous silence, you lie alone and cry quietly,
Dropping your clean tears on the pillow …

Your heart, bursting with pain, beats so hard
That the beat turns into a crazy rhythm,
Not letting you fall asleep for even a second …
Turning off all the lights and closing all the doors
You look out the window, expecting there to see a new day,
But there is only a long night ahead, which has discolored this city …

Time seemed to stop, entangled in the strings of moonlight …
With each new movement, it slows down its transparent gait,
Tormenting us with an agonizing expectation
And only after 1000 agonizing seconds
The night darkness finally wrapped you up with its delicate silk
Affectionately closing tired eyes …
With a light whiff, it brushed sad tears from your face,
Raised over the sleeping city and laid in a cozy cradle,
Floating in peace and dreams,
Leaving the worries you finally sweetly fell asleep
Taking the hand of the night you followed it into the mist of colorful dreams,
Hoping to meet me there and not let go until dawn.

I want to hear your pleasant voice again instead of heavy silence,
To look into your kind eyes and gently touch your warm hands with my lips …
So nice to enjoy the taste of your sweet lips again and again,
To listen to your loving whisper and feel your warm breath gliding through the body …
I will never get tired of inspiring the fragrant scent of your hair,
Hold you by the waist and quietly repeat how much I love you …