Chorus 1:
You hear the shadows
You see sounds
Breaking the walls
You run from boredom …

Verse 1:
One in the apartment
Do not hear yourself
Scream on air
And just breathe

Turn off the telly
Where to be, do not know
In an empty bed
Don’t fall asleep

Verse 2:
Get in the car
Gathering all thoughts
Change the disk
Change your meaning

Keys stick
Shut the doors
You will leave everything
Don’t believe yourself

Burning asphalt
Porsche accelerates
Leaving at night
In the shadow, you fly away
Looking up
Remember the sky
Where there is a thunderstorm
Thundering fiercely

Leave links
I will not call
You rip pictures
From the pain of moaning

You will blow candles
No fire
Cover your shoulders
Rub your lipstick