[:en]Palaraga – Le Mirage[:ru]Palaraga – Le Mirage (Мираж)[:]

[:en]The relationship between two people is very similar to natural phenomena. One person influences the fate of the other, building the line of his attitude to him on the basis of what he himself created. And, depending on the choice of assumptions about the thoughts and motives of the partner, a certain vibration and harmony of relations is formed. We choose for ourselves what this harmony will be. Will it be based on trust in what we see, or will it fall apart in fears and mistrust as a mirage. Mirage becomes what we want to see and what we want with all our hearts.

Palaraga / Le Mirage / EP[:ru]Взаимоотношения двух людей очень напоминают природные явления. Один человек влияет на судьбу другого, выстраивая линию своего отношения к нему на основании того, что сам же и создал. И, в зависимости от выбора предположений о мыслях и мотивах партнёра, формируется определённая вибрация и гармония отношений. Мы сами выбираем, какой будет эта гармония. Будет ли она основана на доверии тому, что мы видим, или же она рассыпется в опасениях и недоверии, как мираж. Мираж становится тем, что мы желаем видеть, и чего жаждем всем сердцем.

Palaraga / Le Mirage / EP[:]

[:en]Palaraga – The Daughter[:ru]Palaraga – The Daughter (Дочь)[:]

[:en]There are things in life that you constantly deny or try to avoid. But when it happens to you, you stop understanding what you denied. You come to a new understanding of your existence, your purpose in life. There is no recipe for wisdom. Only time and life can awaken in us a kind of wisdom. Better, of course, sooner than later or never. I’m glad I finally touched wisdom.[:ru]Есть в жизни вещи, которые ты постоянно отрицаешь или стараешься избежать. Но когда с тобой это случается, ты перестаёшь понимать, что именно ты отрицал. Ты приходишь к новому пониманию своего существования, своей цели в жизни. Не существует рецепта мудрости. Только время и жизненный путь способны пробудить в нас некое подобие мудрости. Лучше, конечно, раньше, чем позже или никогда. Я рад, что наконец прикоснулся к мудрости.[:]

[:en]Palaraga – Cyprus Morning[:ru]Palaraga – Cyprus Morning / Кипр. Утро.[:]


[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]The romantic name of this track already reminds us of a beautiful vacation on a magnificent Mediterranean island. The uplifting, emotional and sensual guitar melody creates a happy atmosphere even if you are unable to enjoy the sunshine at this moment of time. Highlight your day with this cheerful composition! Use it in a slideshow presentation, commercial, vlog and a romantic movie.


[:en]Adam Liria – Labyrinth[:ru]Adam Liria – Labyrinth (Лабиринт)[:]

[:en]Like always, Adam Liria has created a unique, modern track with superb sounding. The mixture of clear sounds of synth, electronic voice effects and uplifting bass line will give your project a memorable and high-quality appeal. Use it as a background piece in GoPro videos, day in the life video, travel blogs, advertisements and much more!


[:en]Adam Liria – Escape From The Room[:ru]Adam Liria – Escape From The Room (Побег из комнаты)[:]

[:en]The intro starts with a dreamy and romantic main synth theme which consists only from a few notes. The main section features atmospheric pads, medium rhythm, minimalistic vocal background and unique sound effects. This track is ideal for video games, romantic films, commercials, teasers, travel video, slide-show presentations. Check out the full Adam Liria album for free now!


[:en]Palaraga – The Winter[:ru]Palaraga – The Winter (Зима)[:]

[:en]This is an inspirational, light and positive track filled with natural sound effects. The track starts with a short and calm melody of standing bells. The main section features a slow rhythm, clear and unique sound effects in combination with a synth melody. This gorgeous composition is ideal for travel videos, intros, trailers, inspirational presentations.


[:en]Palaraga – When I was a boy[:ru]Palaraga – When I was a boy (Когда я был мальчиком)[:]

[:en]The author of this composition is an extremely talented musician and video producer. So, check out the music video to this composition on our Youtube channel. This track has light, happy and inspiring sounding. The bouncy and vintage sounding creates an atmosphere of adventures, childhood, happiness, and ability to achieve something big. Use it as a background in our travel videos, presentation, cartoons and much more!


[:en]Palaraga – High Speed, Wrong Way[:ru]Palaraga – High Speed, Wrong Way (На большой скорости по встречной)[:]

[:en]Overall this is a very calming, modern and unique track. The smooth structure can be divided into a slowly-building introduction with the main melody in the center. The main section consists of a soft but strong rhythm. This composition will not make a bold statement but will add a feeling of something exciting and powerful approach. Use it as a background in action movies, documentaries and video games!


[:en]Palaraga – Stay[:ru]Palaraga – Stay (Остановись)[:]

[:en]A short intro of a vintage-sounding synth is followed by the main section. The gentle woman’s singing is accompanied by a soft and romantic bass line. This fantastic and delicate composition is ideal for soothing and inspiring video blogs, movies, commercials. Add this gorgeous composition to your playlist and enjoy the healing power of chill out music!


[:en]Palaraga – Forced Womanization[:ru]Palaraga – Forced Womanization (Принудительная “женофикация”)[:]

[:en]This is a delicate, happy and inspiring track. The intro starts with the main theme, accompanied by a stylish string theme and sound effects. Use this composition for a romantic, action, sci-fi movie background, It will be gorgeous in tv intros, titles, teasers, personal video and much more!


Palaraga – Without You (Aruimo Remix)

[:en]This remix starts with an active piano solo accompanied by the original voice effects. The main section features a light, chill-out style rhythm, electronic guitar accompaniment. Overall this is a very positive, romantic and relaxed interpretation of Palaraga’s “Without You” from the album “Mental Silence”. This remix is ideal as a background in a coffee bar. It is great for dates, learning, driving and exercising.


Palaraga – Angel’s Next Day (Club Version)

[:en]This is a delicate, feminine and uplifting track with fantastic vocal effects, upbeat rhythm. The remix has a classic structure and a perfect radio length. This remix is ideal in a plethora of media projects. Use it as an intro to your personal vlog video, add this remix to titles, teasers. It will create a happy and romantic atmosphere in a night club, bar or summer festival.