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Application for publication Your song/track on the site



All sounds and samples written by me and I have a legal right to use them.
All melodies is written by me and i am music author
Cover design/photo is my original work / or / i have legal right to use it
I agree publish my track on Unaviva.com for unlimited time without claiming a violation of my copyright
Anyone can downlod my track from Unaviva.com for non-commercial purpose

Upload your cover

Minimum 1400x1400px. PNG or JPG. Maximum file size 6 MB.

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Audio file format: FLAC lossless or MP3 320kbps-44kHz-16bit. Maximum file size 50 MB.

Upload your face.
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This form does not guarantee that your track will be published on our website. But we promise that we will consider your application with full responsibility and will give you a response to your email address.

We do not pay any monetary rewards, because Your work will be distributed as "free download" for non-commercial use. If we decide to sell your work, you will be notified and we will make a commercial agreement with you..
I agree. I just wanna give a chance to other people hear my music.

I am this materials copyright owner and I take full responsibility in case of violation of copyright of the third party