Adam Liria / No Name / Single / 2013 / FLAC / MP3


ИсполнительAdam Liria
КомпозиторSergey Prishvin
Дизайн обложкиSergey Prishvin
Дата выхода01/05/13
ПродюсированиеSergey Prishvin
Количество треков1
Тип релизаSingle
Основной жанрEDM
UPC / EAN888174068633
Формат файлаFLAC Lossless 44kHz 16Bit, MP3 320kbps 44kHz 16Bit
АльбомVia Qualia


An energetic track that incorporates EDM and dubstep. He was used in his advertisements Canon and EA Games.

“I came to the head of this track when I was traveling on the train – thousands of people came in and out, and none of them had names. We live in a world where only friends have names and in our portable devices. Without all this, and you have no name” – Adam Liria

Adam Liria - Via Qualia (Album)

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