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A few words about the album “Words at last”

In the middle of my musical career, I suddenly felt like a singer and a poet (how successful or not, judge you). During this period I recorded two albums: “Transformation” and “Synesthesia”. The albums did not take off especially, and they did not aspire to take off, limiting themselves to several broadcasts on radio stations and publishing on the site of (well, here on Unless, thanks to kind people, trackers and social networks crawled to torrent. When I played enough in the singer – the project was closed. But there were a couple of songs that were not included in the albums. Yes, and wanted to somehow draw a line to everything and in one place. Therefore, shoveling all the material, I collected “singing” in one album, and gave the name in accordance with the concept of “Words at last.”
So, my dear friend, from now on I probably will not return to singing any more (music will continue to write with the same enthusiasm). This is not a new album, but a collection of two albums. Something has passed studio cosmetic cleaning, and something you will hear for the first time. I hope you enjoy it, my dear listener.

You can download the album for free in good quality mp3 / 320kbps, by sharing a link to it in social networks. For those who do not take money from their parents, there is an opportunity to buy an album, helping me to buy an island in the Pacific Ocean. Downloading in two parts, like the album itself. You can safely share this album with your friends and pirates! 🙂 You can also use tracks from an album as a background to your videos, specifying a link to the album in the description.

Sergey Prishvin

01. Palaraga – Прощай 03:24/ ISRC: USCGJ1755339
02. Palaraga – Мой город не спит 03:52/ ISRC: USCGJ1755340
03. Palaraga – Фанатка (Мы остаёмся одни) 04:03/ ISRC: USCGJ1755341
04. Palaraga – Моя тишина 03:08/ ISRC: USCGJ1755342
05. Palaraga – Одна ночь, одно утро 04:25/ ISRC: USCGJ1755343
06. Palaraga – Отпусти меня 03:37/ ISRC: USCGJ1755344
07. Palaraga – Без выхода 03:32/ ISRC: USCGJ1755345
08. Palaraga – Мир без любви 03:49/ ISRC: USCGJ1755346
09. Palaraga – Ты одна 03:42/ ISRC: USCGJ1755347
10. Palaraga – Это секс 03:27/ ISRC: USCGJ1755348
11. Palaraga – Первый снег 04:10/ ISRC: USCGJ1755349
12. Palaraga – Одиночество 04:05/ ISRC: USCGJ1755350
13. Palaraga – Не розовое небо 03:55/ ISRC: USCGJ1755351
14. Palaraga – Кибер-наркоманы (Девчонка-интернет) 03:41/ ISRC: USCGJ1755352
15. Palaraga – Не засыпай, чтобы любить 03:39/ ISRC: USCGJ1755353
16. Palaraga – Запах лета 03:39/ ISRC: USCGJ1755354
17. Palaraga – Навсегда (В1) 03:44/ ISRC: USCGJ1755355
18. Palaraga – Почему 03:18/ ISRC: USCGJ1755356
19. Palaraga – Весна 04:20/ ISRC: USCGJ1755357
20. Palaraga – Сквозь город (Слова напоследок) 05:01/ ISRC: USCGJ1755358

21. Palaraga – Навсегда (В4) 03:22/ ISRC: USCGJ1755359
22. Palaraga – Это секс (Chillout Remix) 04:02/ ISRC: USCGJ1755360
23. Palaraga – Фанатка (Мы остаёмся одни) [Rain Air Remix] 04:06/ ISRC: USCGJ1755361
24. Palaraga – Моя тишина (Chillout Remix) 03:58/ ISRC: USCGJ1755362
25. Palaraga – Не засыпай (Adam Liria Remix) 04:32/ ISRC: USCGJ1755363
26. Palaraga – Почему (Chillout Remix) 03:36/ ISRC: USCGJ1755364
27. Palaraga – Мой город не спит (Adam Liria Dubstep Remix) 03:33/ ISRC: USCGJ1755365
28. Palaraga – Не уходи (Chillout Remix) 03:42/ ISRC: USCGJ1755366
29. Palaraga – Прощай (Chillout Remix) 04:06/ ISRC: USCGJ1755367
30. Palaraga – Одиночество (Adam Liria Remix) 03:53/ ISRC: USCGJ1755368
31. Palaraga – Навсегда (В3) 03:43/ ISRC: USCGJ1755369
32. Palaraga – Ты одна (Chillout Remix) 04:25/ ISRC: USCGJ1755370
33. Palaraga – Моя тишина (Adam Liria Remix) 05:55/ ISRC: USCGJ1755371
34. Palaraga – Мир без любви (Adam Liria Classical Techno Remix) 05:33/ ISRC: USCGJ1755372
35. Palaraga – Запах лета (Dark Chillout Remix) 04:15/ ISRC: USCGJ1755373
36. Palaraga – Без выхода (More Emotion Remix) 04:30/ ISRC: USCGJ1755374
37. Palaraga – Кибер-наркоманы (Девчонка-интернет) (Pop Remix) 03:55/ ISRC: USCGJ1755375
38. Palaraga – Навсегда (В2) 03:38/ ISRC: USCGJ1755376
39. Palaraga – Я тебя люблю 03:38/ ISRC: USCGJ1755377

Additional information

Artist / Performer


Music Author

Sergey Prishvin


Sergey Prishvin



Cover Design

Sergey Prishvin

Release date


Produced by

Sergey Prishvin

Time Duration


Number Of Tracks

20 19

Type Of Release


Basic Genre






Audio Encoded

FLAC Lossless 44kHz 16Bit


United Kingdom


Slova Naposledok

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