According to the classical theory of psychoanalysis, the basis of the human personality is two fundamental motives: creative (libido) and destructive (mortido). The ego-libido is experienced as pleasantly familiar, while mortido is experienced as pain, potential danger and some unknown, infectious fear. So far, no psychoanalyst has been able to create a model of the mental apparatus in which these two differently directed instincts and two opposite kinds of psychic energy would coexist. This concept is a significant fragment of numerous theories of aggression, treating the latter as a projection of the innate self-destructive attraction of people.

Intense and powerful track with epic drums and aggressive man’s voice. This composition has three clear sections. The intro starts with atmospheric pads which takes the listener to more ominous middle section. The suspense breakdown prepares for a thrilling culmination. Aggressive and dark building mood is fantastic as a trailer music. The length and thrilling atmosphere create the necessary effect on the viewer.