When they mention “relaxing music,” they often refer to the singing of dolphins, the twittering of birds, the sound of rain and the sound of sea waves. I prefer to think of relaxing music as a product of a tired mind. And most of the time the mind is tired of the city, the fuss and the grayness of a lonely burden. This track was taken from my mind among the streets of Berlin. Seven days is something that does not let go and makes us repeat, again and again, every year, from the moment of awareness of the week.

As it says in the title, this track features an urbanistic, mechanic sound during the intro. The mechanical sounds create a unique contrast, giving the mind a chance to travel through the depths of peace. The slowly building intro passes into a slow, calm and truly relaxational middle section with an improvised piano theme. This 20+ minute composition is just a perfect pick for your sleep and meditation. Use it in your media projects where the healing, spiritual and futuristic effect is essential.

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