Palaraga – The Lucid Dream

[:en]This is a canonic Palaraga’s meditation track with ideal durance of 20+ minutes. The wonderful balance of atmospheric pads as a background which creates a murmuring feeling of approaching relaxation. The peaceful and gentle classic piano melody keeps the thoughts inside the body, not allowing you to fall into an unconscious dream and creating a feeling of deep relaxation. Listen to this track whilst you are walking or meditating. Give yourself a treat and check out other Palaraga relaxation compositions to create a complete zen playlist.

Palaraga – Angel’s Next Day (Relax Remix)

[:en]This single is filled with romance, elegance and dreams. It will be fantastic for your everyday chill out playlist whilst you are driving a car, learning, exercising. The composition features the main instruments, voice effects as the original. The slow rhythm and water drop sounds make this track just simply beautiful and inspiring.


Palaraga – The Magic Cave (Alpha Waves Meditation)

Alpha waves are the neutral state of brain work which helps us to relax, reorganise, rethink and ground. This state is the perfect time for our brain to rewind and meditate on its highest note. Usually, Alpha waves can be reached through various activities, like a walk in the woods, after yoga class. This composition was created for busy people in the modern world. The calming sounds of water drops and soft echo help to meditate in the most effective way. Treat your yoga class students and help to become a pro in meditation or simply enjoy the proximity of peace by using this single as a background music.

[:en]Palaraga – Tinnitus (Relaxation for Professional Hearing)[:ru]Palaraga – Tinnitus (Релаксация профессионального слуха)[:]

[:en]Working as a DJ, I discovered one huge flaw in this profession, namely, the negative impact of loud sound on hearing. Always, after night clubs, there was a squeak in my ears, known as tinnitus. He did not give me rest even when I was sleeping. As a consequence, this created problems when working with sound and in everyday life. Preventive finding in silence did not give a particularly positive effect. Subjective perception of tinnitus only increased. DJ’s hearing needed some special rest or even disguise, so that the brain could “calibrate the sound.”

[:en]Palaraga – The Valley of Loneliness[:ru]Palaraga – The Valley of Loneliness (Долина одиночества)[:]

[:en]The most lonely person in the history of mankind will be the one who is the first to settle permanently on a new planet. For all the splendor of the achievements of mankind and the brave self-sacrifice of this man, there will be loneliness, multiplied by every second of the realization of the impossibility again to feel the heat (more…)

[:en]Palaraga – Inanition[:ru]Palaraga – Inanition (Бессодержательность)[:]

[:en]Do you think meditation takes a lot of time or you do not have a spare second to rewind yourself? This single will rock your world with a half an hour long chill out sounds. The gentle whispers, sounds of spacious atmospheric pads create an amazing environment for sleep, relaxation, meditation or yoga. Also, use this track as a background in a science fiction film scenes where is necessary to convey the mystery, calmness and detachment.

Palaraga – 7 Days (Urban Meditation)


When they mention “relaxing music,” they often refer to the singing of dolphins, the twittering of birds, the sound of rain and the sound of sea waves. I prefer to think of relaxing music as a product of a tired mind. And most of the time the mind is tired of the city, the fuss and the grayness of a lonely burden. This track was taken from my mind among the streets of Berlin. Seven days is something that does not let go and makes us repeat, again and again, every year, from the moment of awareness of the week.

[blog-post-image]As it says in the title, this track features an urbanistic, mechanic sound during the intro. The mechanical sounds create a unique contrast, giving the mind a chance to travel through the depths of peace. The slowly building intro passes into a slow, calm and truly relaxational middle section with an improvised piano theme. This 20+ minute composition is just a perfect pick for your sleep and meditation. Use it in your media projects where the healing, spiritual and futuristic effect is essential.

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Когда упоминается «расслабляющая музыка», то часто имеется ввиду пение дельфинов, щебетание птиц, звук дождя и звук морских волн. Я предпочитаю думать о расслабляющей музыке как о продукте утомлённого разума. И по большей части разум утомлён городом, суетой и серостью бренного одиночества. Этот трек был взят из моего сознания, вдохновлённый улицами Берлина. Семь дней – это тот цикл, что не отпускает нас и заставляет повторять себя, снова и снова, каждый год, с момента осознания недели.

[blog-post-image]Как говорится в названии трека, это произведение имеет урбанистический, механический звук во время вступления. Эти звуки создают уникальный контраст, давая беспокойному разуму шанс путешествовать сквозь глубины покоя. Медленно развивающееся начало переходит в спокойную и окрыляющую среднюю часть, где главный акцент создаёт импровизированная фортепиано тема. Эта композиция, продолжительностью более двадцати минут, будет прекрасным выбором для медитации и сна. Используйте её в медиа проектах, где необходимо передать настроение оздоровления, духовности и футуристичности.

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Palaraga – Novem Filias

[:en]Did you ever felt exhausted and irritated with no visible reason? You probably do not give yourself a break. The modern life with its gadgets and incessant flow of information create tension and leads to depression which can cause a lot of trouble in the future. Give yourself a break and enjoy the power of relaxation! This track is something unusual because of the combination of nature sounds, futuristic electronic instruments and Tibetian singing which create the perfect atmosphere for meditation and sleep.


Palaraga – Mare Mediterranea

[:en]This track is definitely a top pick amongst the chillout lovers. The tranquil and surreal sound of incredibly healing pads and soft motif of the synth have created a truly spectacular and simply beautiful track. So, if you are looking for that place of stillness and silence this composition is something you need to try!

Palaraga – Something Inside

[:en]If you are looking for a background for your sleeping, learning or relaxation this track is definitely a go too! The steady and tranquil rhythm accompanied by spacious and fantastic atmospheric pads creates a magnificent energy of calmness and happiness. The romantic and simply gorgeous sounds of modern electronic instruments have created a perfect background for an all sorts of media projects. It can be used in a slideshow presentation, movies, commercials, television intro and so much more!


Palaraga – Vega

[:en]The magical track with deeply relaxing sounds of wind instruments. This track will help you to feel the power of music whilst you are relaxing or meditating. The soft and floating sounds of atmospheric pads and delicate chords will make you feel uplifted and rested. Use this track as a background for your yoga, pilates or meditation classes. Also, it will fulfill the fantasy scene in a documentary or art movie.


Palaraga – Astral

[:en]Enjoy the depths of relaxation and meditation with this truly pacifying track. The ultimate 30+ duration is perfect for the ending of yoga classes where the harmonising music is essential. Also, this composition can be used for a variety of media projects, such as fashion shows, art installations, futuristic film scenes and documentaries.