My music will not solve your problems. You can not scream under it, echoing the words that supposedly penetrate into the very essence of your life. This role is assigned to pop. I do not write music that describes one of the standard patterns of human destiny or behavior, and waits until someone approaches it. You will not be able to include one of my songs on a repeat, for the whole day, to cry in the pillow. The purpose of my music is to help you plunge into the depths of your soul and in your own strength find what you need for peace of mind. Only in this way you can achieve everything, find the strength to be yourself. And no matter how rude and unfriendly the form of some of my works is – one goal is to pave the way to a world of peace and tranquility, releasing your demons.

Improvisational and romantic saxophone intro followed by a mysterious synth melody. Soft and clicky effects at the background create a ”tasty” to listen sound. The slowly building track with a rhythmic main part. The active main part saves the mysterious pads and synth melody creating the feeling of mystery and adventure. This composition is perfect and a soundtrack for thrillers, crime and alternative cinematography.