Working as a DJ, I discovered one huge flaw in this profession, namely, the negative impact of loud sound on hearing. Always, after night clubs, there was a squeak in my ears, known as tinnitus. He did not give me rest even when I was sleeping. As a consequence, this created problems when working with sound and in everyday life. Preventive finding in silence did not give a particularly positive effect. Subjective perception of tinnitus only increased. DJ’s hearing needed some special rest or even disguise, so that the brain could “calibrate the sound.”

More than eight years ago, I gradually began to create a sound track with the perfect sound for me, picking up sounds and their tonality. The goal was to create a track that would help the hearing and brain to relax. Again and again, while listening, I analyzed how successfully the track helps solve the problem, and made all sorts of harmonic changes to achieve the most positive effect. Finally I achieved success. Now, including this track, everything around me calms down and I can rest. Collecting information from various sources, it became clear that the problem of tinnitus is very common among those who deal with loud sounds (sometimes the source of the problem may be other reasons). So I decided to share my work with you. I hope this track will help you.