Verse 1:

Looking into each other’s eyes
Silence absorbs us
We have nothing more to say
For the last time, we know each other
Just ticking clock
And only steady breathing.

No desire to stay
No goodbye tears
Just want to leave
And you are in a hurry to get dressed
This is what we were going to.
And nowhere else to go
You will smoke a cigarette
Enjoying the bitter smoke
Exhaling silhouettes
Looking for something on your mobile
Under the pressure of silence
We remain unanswered
And for the truth of the reasons
Not shedding a single drop of light.
Maybe we just got tired
Starting over again
I opened the door again
When you knocked on them
And again forgetting that happen
You will remain yourself
I kissed you again
If you were with me
And I wanted to believe
That everything will be different
And ended up with
What do you roll quarrel

couplet: 2

Sometimes it is not clear
What do you want to achieve
Unable to manage
when you want to fall in love
If this choice is difficult
And you do not want to change
I’ll forget about you
And I will not return
And looking through the veil
From salty drops of heart
Looking for someone to blame
And in my not believe you
Can’t hear something
You want to scream
And then, swallowing tears,
You like to be silent
Only snatches of photos
And broken glass fragments
And silence in response
Instead of words, and without reproaches
Even if it seemed
What is possible to fix everything
But we have nothing to try.
It would be better to leave everything
It will be better if tomorrow
We will forget everything that was
Bud some time turned around
And in the shower for a moment froze
There are no letters on the Internet
No words on the phone
All I want to say
I will tell by a microphone