In the summer of 2017 I visited eastern Bavaria, Berchtesgaden. I was always attracted by this region of Germany with the tranquility and nature reigning there. Endless mountain trails, the silence of a clean lake and the noisy streams of a mountain river. I wandered there between the slopes in search of the same tranquility and seclusion, about which writers write and which poets sing. Overcoming the next threshold, I persistently tried to give internal thoughts. I tried to penetrate some kind of philosophy of my own world, “find myself,” but … the mountains took their own: you just walk and breathe, counting the sound of footsteps in the placer of small stones heated by the July sun. You look out of the distance from a great height, and there is nothing more, except the gigantic slopes and you. All that was large and clamped with its brick walls, took on the character of an endless canvas with small patterns, tied with threads of roads and drowning in a bluish haze. Sound, breaking on the foot of the mountains, flows into the singing of birds and the rustling of the warm wind. There is only you and this fascinating view. There is no philosophy. There is no poetry. There is only a breath and an exhalation, and a heartbeat. You see the world with different eyes, as in times when, as a child, you sat down on your father’s shoulders and were amazed at how the world is changing, it is only slightly lifted above the ground. A certain force carries you in the direction of new discoveries. I enjoyed what I saw, inhaled this very moment and witnessed the world, was a part of his greatness. Close your eyes and travel to my story, and the music will help you.

Incredibly relaxing, airy, dreamy, fresh soundtrack. The deep sound of the pad takes the listener into the magic world of meditation and peace. This track allows feeling the incredible strength of meditational ambient by combining the sounds of soft piano and atmospheric soundscapes. The track was created by the author to help to build healthy sleep and mind-peace for people in the modern technological world. Also, this composition is ideal for newborn baby sleep, creating a soft womb-like environment. Air flow of the Silence is ideal for documentaries, films, presentations, learning, sleeping background, meditation, yoga, massage and beauty treatment like SPA. Full your night with a meditational happiness!

Palaraga – Air Flow Of The Silence