Verse 1:
You are ready to break, you are ready to suffer
In one minute you are ready to give everything
You do not want to see what can kill
And blind love, pierce your heart

You are ready to listen, you are ready to run
And when you’re alone, you start to tremble
You spend your minutes for nothing
And under that nothing sweetly you fall asleep

You’re a tear on the flowers, from the illusion you hide
And in quicksand words, you forget about yourself.
You are no longer deciding what will happen to you
You shake hands with your life

Enjoying a blind, unrequited dream
You stay in my eyes with closed eyes
You’re ready for anything to be with me
No more steps, you stand on the border

Verse 2:
You do not want to put up, you are ready to scream
With the fact that the other will receive something from me
Poisonous jealousy will fill the body with pain
And loyalty will take you into the darkness

You are about to hear nothing, want nothing
But at the same time, you bite your lips from pain
You do not want to accept, lose something again
You endlessly repeat what you need to break.

You spell the words you want to hear
Choose from songs, and fix in thoughts
My answer to the question you are checking in yourself
And in a beautiful fairy tale you change your pain

Every day in the details, parsing hours
You’re somewhere out there at night, crying before dawn
You hate yourself, you break yourself
And in the fight against loneliness, you fall asleep on dreams.

We are alone
In empty words
And there is no more love
In your eyes

Will remind the day ahead
Cold fear
Cry heart in the chest
Face in tears