The raven is a bird that has overgrown with all sorts of stories, images and secret meanings. The man’s love for his “dislike for blacks” crammed all kinds of images with which one can flirt and beware simultaneously. Some surround themselves with these images to give their person a mysterious significance and a dark essence. Others, on the contrary, are baptized and spit over their shoulders, so as not to bring disaster upon themselves. And I see in the crow a very clever bird, without any mysticism. Ravens are fun!

Raven is another epic and extremely dark track from the album “Avoiding the Void”. The introduction with a surreal and mysterious sound which mimics the roar of a dangerous creature. The mix of strong bass, delicate piano and extraordinary flute theme maintains the mystery through the song. Ideal for thrillers, sci-fi, horror films. Would sound powerful in commercials, space projects.